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Globe (UM) Universal Manifold UL/FM
 1¼", 1½", 2", 2½", 3", 4", 6", 8"

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 The Globe Series "UM" Universal Manifold is a Listed/Approved manifold assembly incorporating a flow switch, test & drain valve, system pressure gauge, and pressure relief valve. The UM may be ordered with or without an attached butterfly control valve. The UM is rated for a maximum working pressure of 300 psi (20.6 bar). It has been engineered to incorporate the above mentioned components in a compact envelope. The Test and Drain Valve contains a test orifice of K2.8 so that it may be utilized for flow testing any system with sprinklers having K-Factors of 2.8 or larger. The UM is available in a variety of sizes and end connections to allow for cost effectiveness and ease of connections to check valves, control valves, and piping. For sizes 3" and smaller, an 18" long stainless steel braided flexible hose is included with the UM for connecting the Test and Drain valve to a drain stack. The UM may be installed in the vertical (with flow upward) or horizontal orientation
Globe (UMC) Universal Manifold Check
 1¼", 1½", 2", 2½", 3", 4", 6", 8"
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 Straight out of the box, the unit integrates all necessary pre-mounted components: control valve, check valve, flow switch, test and drain, pressure relief kit and gauges. Compact design saves valuable space in tight-quarter installations such as halls, stairwell landings and alcoves. Available in both left- and right-handed orientations for horizontally-mounted applications. Available in a variety of sizes to meet nearly any application
The revolutionary design of the Globe UMC Universal Manifold Check integrates all the necessary components for a floor control or shotgun riser into a single assembly. This results in the industry's most compact footprint - and eliminates the need to order separate Riser Manifolds, Control Valves, Check Valves and Relief Valve Kits, decreasing installation time. The UMC is UL Listed and FM Approved in multiple configurations, and is rated for pressures up to 300 psi. The multiple configurations, pressure rating, and small envelope allows the UMC to overcome site specific installation challenges in the field.